Whitelinemotorcycle started off completely by accident on a trip to Vietnam in February 2012.  Homies Skellzo, Szeto, Cpt Tom, MARk, and Charlie Bowins, and I took a 2000 mile journey across vietnam on early 80’s Russian designed Minsk motorcycles. I started shooting photos from the bike of the buds, and had such a great time that I continued doing so when I got back.  Of course by 2012, Danny Lyon had already photographed 1960’s bikers and Josh Kurpius was already the modern day king of shooting from the bike out in Chicago.  There’s something really unbelievably special about shooting from a motorcycle, and that guy is really amazing at it without all the self-promoting “chopular” attitude of so much of the content on social media.  With plenty of inspiration, I started shooting a lot more from the bike, mostly with digital Fuji and started amassing a large catalogue. Eventually, it became time to organize all of these of my friends riding without having to worry about being the right type of image for my commercial clients (I’m a photographer in my day job – and I should say some of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Rides photos have been on GQ.com so the commercial appeal has grown a little but it is definitely not a focus of this project).
Finally, in 2016, I found the right sort of layout for these images, to be catalogued and displayed.
I’m stoked to just ride around taking photos with anyone with a bike.  Obviously awesome builds are cool, but even then, I don’t mind what type of bike you’re on, as long as it’s good times I’d love to photograph you and your bike. Feel free to hit me up!
photographs are free for personal use, but you could always donate a bit of gas money!
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